H. Mabanda psychology services

Love the Life you Live

We are proud to provide professional interventions that will help create self-awareness, growth, healing and provide you with the answers you might need to understand some of your behaviors and feelings.

We may work with you, your partner or family to help you achieve the goals you have set for yourself. Our professional therapist will address several topics such as personalities, communication, trust, anger, trauma, motivation, power dynamics and other related issues. Our therapy involves equipping you with the tools to address any of these issues and how to implement the tools for your success.

Our approach is to evaluate the thought processes and behaviour of our clients to assess what is required to help them proceed with the correct tools and healthy coping mechanisms. If required, we use psychotherapy as an evaluation tool to further gain an understanding of the client’s functioning and needs. The goals of the therapy is to help our clients with information and knowledge to heal, cope and prevent developing serious mental health issues.

There is no need for you to try figure life complexities on your own. Come talk to us about your needs, feelings and fears in a safe and non-judgmental space. We can all learn appropriate methods to deal with emotions and the situations that trigger those emotions so we can improve the quality of our lives.

About Hlomani Mabanda

Hlomani Mabanda Is a licenced independent Clinical Psychologist. I have worked in diverse sectors including public hospitals, correctional centres, private hospitals, and communities. I use several therapy methods suitable for each environment as drawn from the experiences and insights from the different sectors I have worked in.

If you are feeling stuck in a negative cycle within, your relationship, or struggling with anxiety & depression, I am here to help you experience the relief and change to help you love the life you live again.

As such my practice emphasises self-development as a critical element of growth. The goal of our intervention is to equip clients with insights into everyday interactions and challenges: that may impact family dynamics, relationships, identity, and the self.

Ultimately, the goal is to allow you to live your best life and Love the Life You Live.